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Portfolio Valuation & Due Diligence

Using a three-phased due diligence approach, Promisor will swiftly and accurately evaluate large asset pools or a single property.  Whether consulting for a portfolio client, advising a small investor, or analyzing strategic investments on our own, the process delivers a full present and forecast analysis of value and costs.


Phase 1 | Macro Market Analysis

Can be tailored to examine supply and value trends at the MSA, County or ZIP code level.  Identifies avenues of opportunity and conversely markets where challenges remain.


Phase 2 | Asset Valuation

More than a BPO, as it drills down to the address level mindful of the property's context in the neighborhood market and the competition from REO or Short Sales.  Includes review and calculations of purchase and sale costs plus market-tested capital expenditure estimates.


Phase 3 | Modeling and Forecasting

Analyzes observed market trends to forecast market value in the near- and far-term. Includes options for rental for the opportune exit strategy.